Saturday, July 20, 2013

Its time to leave

Bye Bye Images

Its time for me to go.  I want to thank everyone who ever stopped by to read a post or comment.  This has been a great pleasure, but It's time for me to move on.  I may blog again, but not on blogger and not at this time. If I do I'll put a quick post here, but that won't be for a long while.
Thank you so much,
Much love and light,
Shine on, Shine bright.
Miss. S

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time for a Break

Piles of Laundry (
I've been reading about Julia Child.  I do that when I need comfort, optimism and a happy injection of life drive.  I don't know what it is about her, but she always fills me with good feelings.  I notice I reach for her in times of spiritual need.  

There's a lot going on these days.  I acknowledge that perhaps my blog can be a bit frustrating.  I don't even give my actual name and if I do mention something that may be going on I talk about my feeling state, not what the actual matter is.  I'm sorry if I've frustrated anyone.  Partly I'm quite private and partly I always wanted it to be about the subject matter and the writing. 

I have been writing this blog for about five in a half years now.  Its been a real point of joy and I have run across amazing people through this processI've nothing but praise for this lovely experience, but right now I need to suspend my writing.  I think I need to journal offline, meditate quietly and speak freely in the privacy of my analyst's office. 

I do believe I will be back sometime before too long,  but if for some reason I am unable, well hey.... thank you, this has truly been a gift.

Hari Om, much love and light to all,
Thank you so much, it's been such a pleasure.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nine More Weeks

This time of year is always a conflict.  Winter brings quiet, solitude, Yin yoga and an introspection which is always appreciated.  In my neck of the woods it's also cold, icy and the chill can be felt physically and emotionally.  Energy can become lackluster, and simple things like getting out of a warm bed to greet a frosty morning loose their appeal rather quickly.  Around this time of year I begin looking to when the sun sets and making some figures in my head as to when I can look forward to days a bit longer and brighter.  As the dogs and I walk through the woods I'm careful not to slip on the ice while I remind myself only nine more weeks.  Nine weeks isn't so long, I can do this for a little longer, and I suppose I can, but now's a good time to devise a strategy to make this period a little lighter and more joyful.  This time of year I enjoy lighting lots of candles in the studio when I'm teaching.  It brings a warm glow and makes the area cozy.  Hot steamy showers, lots of layers, many gentle and restorative classes and time spent in front of the fireplace are helpful as well.  I also make a sincere effort to avoid people who are offensive.  Everyone has to deal on a everyday manner with certain folks that will never get it together socially.  It's just not in their DNA in this lifetime.  I'm better able to handle these folks when I have a daily dose of vitamin D.  I'm far less patient in the dead of Winter.  My best strategy is vanquish these folks from my life completely and if not possible avoid at all possible costs. 

So here's to nine more weeks with a level head, a warm hearth and a happy heart.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Salty 108

This year I elected to start the New Year off with 108 sun salutations.  This was a perfect jump start to 2013 and an auspicious beginning.   I haven't done 108 in a while.  In the fall for the global mala I have been doing 108 minutes of yoga which is far different.  After finishing my start to the new year I went cross country skiing.  I'm a bit sore all over today.  It's a good feeling though and the right kind of ache.

New years eve we decided to go out for dinner.  We both wanted a quiet night with an early evening. We have a lot going on these days and a good meal and an early evening seemed perfect  After pursuing some menus and reviews we made our selection.  Giant mistake.  As I enjoy a meatless lifestyle the "special new years menu" had nothing for me.  I did manage to piece together a few dishes and felt OK with my selections.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy any of it, as the chef bathed everything in salt.  I did try, but found myself gagging through most of it.   I got home and spent a good deal of time drinking water, lots and lots of water. A celebratory glass of champagne was out of the question.  The idea of alcohol made me cringe.  Yesterday while doing my 108. I was soaked and dripping in perspiration, as the salt came oozing out of my pores.  

This restaurant was well reviewed and packed with many happy folks enjoying a night out.  I overheard the table on both sides of us comment on how much they liked the food.  I don't believe this was an issue of an over zealous chef with a salt love affair,  but a bigger issue with the American diet.  Americans like their salt, but large doses are detrimental to overall health and frankly mask the taste of food.  If the food is fresh and cooked with even minimal skill, you don't need to disguise the taste.

Salt in moderation is beneficial for the body but when overused leads to water retention, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.  If you feel you may have overindulged in saltiness this holiday season I recommend a little cleanse for the body. 

Three day salt flush:
  • Drink 64 oz of spring water spread out in 8 oz glass of water.
  • limit your salt intake.  Be mindful of what you are eating.
  • Limit your carbohydrates to foods such as rice and oatmeal.  (no bread and butter)
  • Exercise, choose activities that will allow you to sweat.  ( A little bikram yoga should do the trick!)
  • Do not eat out, prepare all you meals at home. 
You'll feel better and your body and heart will love you for doing this.

Be well, eat mindfully and do your practice. ( and all is coming as Pattabhi Jois used to say) 

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Warm Glow

In the midst of Winter,
I finally learned that there was in me 
an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Play

Winter has set in rather quickly.  Stormy, snowy, icy and cold with a bit of a hushed silence.  It's a fine time to turn off the sound machines and try a little meditation.  A labyrinth is a wonderful vehicle for helping us to slow down and look within.  Personally I find it nearly impossible to sit in quite contemplation draining the worry thoughts away while reaching for a silent bliss.  More than likely I am making mental lists, thinking about the day, or the week or my life and trying desperately not to let that little monkey of mine have a fun free spirited tromp, giggling away, while I politely and then with less finesse ask him to get out of my head for just five minutes.    

Labyrinths help tremendously with the process of meditation elevating some of the madding aspects which make mediation so difficult.  a labyrinth walk follows a man-made, spiral pattern path (traced on the ground, as in many cathedrals, or constructed in garden) to meditate, focus, and calm the mind. Not a maze, the path follows a number of circuits to the center of a circle and back out.   

The process leaves one feeling calm, centered and refreshed.   Its a wonderful winter activity and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family regardless of age.  Labyrinths are easy to find and rarely exclusive.  They can be found both inside buildings as well as outside in gardens.  I suggest looking for one with the World Wide Labyrinth Locator.  You'll be amazed how many are out there in your area.  

Enjoy, and happy meditations!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tea Time!

Time for a cup of tea and a little relaxation..... well almost.  Saturday is my busiest day .  Clients all day, but with papers handed in and finals finished I am mentally ready to relax and move into the rest of the holiday season with some mental ease.  It's also time for a shift in our yoga practice.  Old man winter reminds us to slow down and and go deeper.  Winter is an excellent season for yin and restorative classes.  This season allows us space to go into areas which may have been neglected during the warmer weather.  Hips, shoulders, and back all need loving care and a slower deeper practice helps us heal neglected or injured areas which may have been overworked in the warmer season. 
Happy holidays and good health to all!