Monday, August 31, 2009

Life in all its Beauty

"Dancing is silent poetry"
Simonides (556-468bc)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yoga Month

Sometimes its not easy to get into our groove. A multitude of obligations and people dragging us away from our personal pursuits, into the abyss of checklists, must do now items and social interactions all pull us further and further away from our mats and toward the crossroads of hellish overindulgence and depression which intersects stress and ill health. (horrible place, get stuck there and you'll wait forever for that light to turn green!) With the best of intentions it can still be really difficult to sustain a regular practice. For some of us its the obligation of family, especially when our little ones are quite small. (This is a big discussion and one for another day.) I'm thinking more of extra work, work projects, demanding family members, obligations which take all our time and busy seasonal pursuits which can easily replace a class or even a home practice. Perhaps this Summer you thought you might be able to do a little something more on the mat but found only a limited amount of time, or perhaps you've been away. When your practice becomes a fond memory of something you used to do and really enjoyed its time to begin again. Start slow and choose your times wisely. I strongly feel if you can schedule in a class once a month SO BE IT, there's your practice! Just do it and make sure you schedule at least three sessions at a time in your agenda planner. Its quite possible once a month may very well turn into more, but only if you commit each month. Many of us are a little like a rolling stone that gathers no moth. Once we get going were likely to stay the course as long as there aren't too many obstacles in the way. The real challenge is picking up those first few classes.

I have a suggestion which may make it a little easier to get your practice rolling again. September is national yoga month. Once you have registered with the yoga month Internet site you can select a studio from their list which includes a multitude of studios from everywhere on the planet. Yoga month will email you a card to print out which you can use at your selected studio for one free week of yoga! The only hitch is you must be a new student to the studio. I selected a rockin' little place in my neighborhood I've been meaning to check out but haven't had the chance. My card is good for any week in September.

So come on, grab your mat, get your groove on and start the fall off on a good note.

Namaste and peace and love and a hug and a kiss too!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Global mala project

I know its summer but I think this is the coolest photo and really captured the essence of something I want to pass on to everyone. September 19, 2009 is a great day for yoga, It's a fantastic time to get your group groove on and sweat out 108 sun salutations with your fellow yogi's. You can do this with a couple of hundred yogi's or as a solitary practice in the comfort of your own home. The Global Mala Project is a peace project which incorporates all things right with the practice of yoga; asana, meditation, Seva and collective consciousness.

"The purpose of the Global Mala is to unit the global yoga community from every continent, school or approach to form a mala around the earth through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 on sept 19th or 20th, Fall Equinox as the yoga world's offering to further the UN International Peace Day."

Each center or student offers a form of Mala which includes:
  • 108 sun salutations
  • 108 rounds of Mantra
  • 108 rounds of kriya
  • 108 minutes of meditation or kirtan
Each center or student dedicates the practice to what they believe in. This may be in the form of donation or intention. Come on join us, its going to be great fun!

Beach Time

Anyone who knows me well or maybe even just a little soon understands my true love affair with beaches. I LOVE the beach and would happily spend my days in a bathing suit traipsing in the sand with dogs, frisbee, yoga mat, book or whatever. I can't say I'm the happy go lucky, any beach, any time kind of person. Since I grew up with plenty of sunshine and a backyard of silky sands I have a certain expectation. Some beaches just don't add up because there are too many people or the beach is too polluted or perhaps nice for a hike but not quite what I had in mind or frankly they are just too stupid for words. That said Summer finally came into my life for a little while. The man and I packed up and headed east. Each day I have been fortunate to take a yoga class (on the beach) from two wonderful teachers with extraordinarily open heart chalkras. This has been a blessing and desperately needed medicine.

It's been a tough Summer and I haven't been feeling any joy or lightness. My nerves have been a wreck and I've felt trapped by a black cloud of confinement. I'm not so sure about doing another Summer like this one. Actually I can defiantly say I'll be making alternative choices in the future.

This week I have been playing outside, out of cell reception to everything and enjoying my time tremendously.

So three cheers for sun salutations on the beach and feeling the joy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow

This Summer has been unexpectedly quite stressful. I find myself trying to get a mental foothold but without success. Each time I grasp for something to anchor myself another storm blows me off center. My life, my routine, my hopes my dreams are all unavailable to me at this time. Things I have come to count on to bring stability and footing into my daily life are barely present. This is a trying time. There is a reason for everything, and all things revel themselves accordingly. For now I hope to stay calm and perhaps spy a rainbow down the road.
Namaste and peace to you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yoga Y Movie

I recently watched Y Yoga Movie a documentary by Filmmaker Arthur Klein. He searches for meaning and philosophy in yoga following the aftermath of September 11th. Klein traveled the world to explore yoga's affect and possible relief. Chicken soup for the soul and body exploration. "From a charter school in South Central Los Angeles to wrestler Diamond Dallas Page's yoga class for American soldiers in Iraq, Klein reveals how this ancient practice continues to bring harmony to the world." It was well worth watching, a peaceful way to spend an hour and a half.

Live peacefully and with love.