Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strong Storm

An early snow storm plowed through the northeast corridor this weekend. I'm slightly annoyed and mildly pleased at the same time. I have been working non stop since September with no time for the things that really matter to me. I have finally finished all that needed to be done for other people and I can now resume having my own life. I have a few very important projects I begrudgingly placed on hold which I can now complete. Today I am finally able to sit down and work on my own projects. I should be able to finish what I need by Thanksgiving which truly will feel like a blessing and bring a happy feeling in my heart to say the least. I can't begin the next chapter in my life till these pieces are completed. The universe has been sending me some tough lessons. I am really struggling with self empowerment, respecting the value of my time and understanding the importance of taking time for myself. It's all about the choices I make, in the end its up to me. It doesn't matter who is around me giving me hardship and struggle I have a choice. There's a strong storm in my heart which probably matches what's happening outside my door.
Peace to everyone.........

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time to Slow Down

Autumn has come with all it's glorious colors and subtle reminders it's time to slow down and prepare the body and mind for a colder climate. Diet, sleeping practices and yoga shift into a new, slower more mindful gear, or at least they should. Unfortunately for many of us, the Autumn signifies a time when projects and routines gear up again. Kids need to be reluctantly shuffled out the door, deadlines begin to loom large and holidays start to hit us immediately. It's hard to slow down when the schedule continues to fill with more and more obligations as the weeks go by. The older I get the more responsibilities I have and the more I'm asked to do both personally and professionally. Finding a balance isn't easy and keeping a balanced routine can be near impossible. I may have discovered what works for me, but it can be hard to fuse what others need of me and what I feel I need to do to stay balanced. The Autumn is a time of great and beautiful change but also draining and can cause daily agitation. Here are a few things to consider which may help make the transition a bit smoother:
  • Autumn is predominantly a cool, dry, windy season. This applies to the weather and our internal physical state. This is a good time to apply lotions and oils to the skin.
  • Autumn is a time when we are especially vulnerable to feeling tight, dry, and rough. Insomnia and joint pain are also common at this time. Include warm herbal teas and try to decrease your caffeine intake. Try yerba maté to give yourself a little lift throughout the day without the adrenal burn from caffeinated coffee.
  • It is common to feel ungrounded, spacey, fidgety or unable to focus.
  • A yoga practice should include a lot of sitting poses, slow sun salutations, legs up against the wall ( inversion) and spinal twist to calm the system.
  • According to ayurvedic medicine, apples help draw heat out of the body. Heat accumulates over the Summer and can cause digestive distress in the winter season. The pectin in apples also helps to clean and heal digestive mucosa. Eat as many apples as you like in any form you find desirable.
  • Try to get to bed a little earlier.
  • Practice slow nostril breathing through the right nose to help increase the immune system.

Be well and try not to be too hard on yourself during this change

Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's Something Happening Here

Today my mother and I journeyed to our cities own demonstration in solidarity of Occupy Wall Street. My mother a flower child from the 60's and me stuck somewhere in the middle traveled down to give our support. There were many people and the feeling was one of overall peace, justice, and solidarity. There have been many demands and there are a few I can't agree with but the majority I must say, I stand right beside my fellow citizens. This was a peaceful and organized demonstration which excluded no one. All ages, all circumstances, all welcome and all have a voice. The organizers and the majority of the population were from the millennial generation. I am so taken and so proud of this generation. I feel a stirring, perhaps this will grow into something more. I saw many, many signs, a few were indications of something bigger taking form; taxi drivers are in the 99%! nurses are in the 99%! The largest health care workers union in our state is openly supporting the movement and supplied the medical tent, The Unitarian committee set up a tent for vespers, support and a place to pray and mediate. There is definitely something happening, the movement has grown to 25 cities since its inception sometime in July 2011. Is this our Arab Spring, American Autumn?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Something Stirring

Is a new generation waking up and coming of age? I hope so, this country needs it's youth to wake us from our lethargy. I hope this is really happening. When a generation wakes up its usually widely looked over during the initial blink, then with time quite impossible to avert. Called on the carpet for bad behavior, generations before have changed social patterns for the better time and time again. I hope it's happening again!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HELLO? Are you Listening to me!

The universe is having a rather loud little chat with me. Time again for BIG, BIG change. OK, inhale, exhale and embrace. I'm ready, nervous but also excited and READY. Almost time to go, quite soon..... quite soon.
Peace and good feelings to everyone!