Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pain in the Neck

I've been walking around with my shoulders well above my ears and a left sided neck ache since September. In reassessing what needs to been down now, and try to figure out what to do next, one of my first priorities is bringing my stress level down so I can make room to create a solution. I have really ramped up my yoga practice lately, focusing on neck and shoulders. Oh boy, is it unpleasant. The area is like a tight brick and instant feelings of exhaustion rush through me while my mind screams STOP THAT! This area is connected to the fifth chalkra which focuses on speaking your truth, speech, verbal expression and communication. The base of the neck is connected with feeling overwhelmed and over responsible, taking on more than your "fair share" of work and a sense of oneself within society and one's profession

Everyone has one or two areas in the body where stress is more likely to settle first, and stay longer. This is connected to our personal constitution, our karma, and what is happening emotionally right now. Take time to explore what area of the body is most affected by stress and emotional discourse. Healing these areas of the body brings deep feeling states which need to be acknowledged and addressed so they can go away! Time and patience is needed in this pursuit. Each time we confront these areas/emotional issues, they weaken and eventually the issue resolves itself, but it takes a long time, many years, if not a lifetime.

I personally think the big issues will keep coming up till you confront them, so ignoring it won't make it go away. You'll find yourself on a different day in the same situation. By working the area physically and emotionally it grows continually weaker and eventually departs leaving us with a cleaner aura and better karma and a happier place in our lives.

Wishing success and a peaceful journey to all~


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not Meant to Be

Months of working toward a transition. Countless extra hours put toward making this transition a fair, smooth encounter for all involved. I dotted my i's and crossed my t's and moved forward, working through my own personal fears and trepidation. Tomorrow was to be my lift off date and I felt quite ready...... that was until I found out this week I was not going to be able to move forward with my intended plans. I did my part, but unfortunately that was not going to be enough in this situation and no one bothered to tell me until it was too late. I won't be able to make a change in my schedule till the Summer. Needless to say my feeling states ran the gamut from shock, sadness, complete tears, to disappointment and finally outright anger. I'm back to
the drawing board and digging deep for motivation while trying to keep my spirits up. My body and mind are sagging and my stress level is off the charts. I ran into yoga class this weekend and just concentrated on breathing. I have to start all over again. I guess the universe did not agree with the plans I made. Time to dig deeper and come up with a new solution. I'm working on it, I just have to be patient. Things will happen but not right away, there's nothing I can do but wait, wait and breath.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rest Time

I haven't been taking care of myself for these past many months and I really feel it. I'm continually run down, slow moving, dull around the edges always on the verge of a cold or some other ailment. I don't feel sick, but not healthy or vital either. I've made a resolution to remove some of the toxic from my life and begin to incorporate or return to my healthier habits. I tend to plunge into things fast, committing with stipulation and working quickly toward an end point. I can't do that this time, I have no inclination and even if I did, I just don't have the energy. I'm going to take things slowly. I don't work well without creating a timeline of some sort, but for now I just want to be aware.

I read an article that suggests it take sixty six days to make a substantial change in routine, habit and mindset. I never bought the commonly held believe that twenty eight days will create a new system that can be internalized neurologically. I've always been suspect; the lunar cycle, a woman's cycle. and tada! cycle of habit. It's too easy an explanation and it doesn't make sense, we don't throw down neurological tracks that fast.

So here's to sixty six slow and steady days, may they roll peacefully along!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Helping hand

The universe stepped in this week with a little assistance and some hopeful messages. I've been running on a low tank, stretching and maxing my energy beyond it's limit. My schedule change, and hence my life change starts in ten days. It's an enormous amount of work and it just won't be finished by my departure date, so I'm giving myself till March to get it all done. I'm doing what's humanly possible, that's all anyone can really do. In the meantime some unexpected news was dropped on my doorstep this week. Gifts, letting me know it's all OK.

By midweek I was already fried and woke up yesterday feeling woozy from exhaustion. I have a little assignment I should have never taken, but I assumed I was stuck with it. Quite unexpectedly and to my great relief I will no longer have to trudge an hour and fifteen minutes for a half hour appointment which always left me feeling strangely depleted and in an odd joyless feeling state. Nothing bad, nothing I could ever put a finger on, at the end of the day just not meant to be. It was my fault for taking on too much and saying yes, when I should have said no. That's part of what I need to learn in this life, but let's save that discussion for another time.

So this weekend it's paperwork and prep time! What's thrilling about what I'm doing right now is the finality of it. Finish a report or project and there isn't a huge ball of hot mess with and ASAP date rolling down ready to plow me over. I can finally begin to catch a breath. Classes have started and its comforting to know each class, clinical, and case study, brings me to the light at the end of my doctoral tunnel. It's the last third of my program, and although I have a ways to go, its a journey I'm happy to be on and thank my lucky stars I'm here.

Wishing everyone peace and quality time for yourself and loved ones.