Sunday, November 27, 2011

Believe and Do Your Best To Breath!

As my life fills with clarity and change I know its important to realize everything is going to be ok. I'm making such fundamental changes in my foundation that I find myself living in a strange place in my head. I vacillate between between knowing it will work out and fearing something will get in the way, preventing me from making the change that needs to happen for me to move on. I find I'm holding my breath a lot these days. I have been working toward a doctorate for many years. Juggling full time work and a doctorate program is challenging, frustrating, slow going and so so exhausting. It's time to complete my program and that means a huge shift in my day to day living. I'm ready to begin so that I can reach completion. I'm ready to begin, to end and to move on. I just have to be patient a while longer. Patience and optimism needed daily in my life these days.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's All Ok

I don't have all the answers or everything figured out for what lays ahead of me, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but if I don't make a change in my life nothing is going to improve. Sometimes its a change in attitude, sometimes action is needed. This upcoming change is certainly more than attitude. I'm taking a big leap and I'm jumping off the treadmill. November and December are all about getting ready and then I suppose however ready I am, I am. I facilitate between pep talks and fear. I know its time to do this. In order to turn the corner and move on I have to, and I've put it off long enough. I realized that if I tried to figure it all out, it was never going to happen. Actually once I made the decision it has become a lot easier to make choices and follow through. I know I'm making the right decision. If I don't do this I'll be perennially stuck. There's an untapped resource inside of me and if I don't make the leap its going to stay stuck forever. I just have to realize that it's going to be slow going in the beginning and that's ok, that's ok......

Shanti, good spirits and feelings of well being to all, happy holidays.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time and Healing

Well I went down hard. I'm not exactly standing tall yet but I am feeling a bit better. I'm going to need to take it easy for a while. Rest and care is needed.

As I stated in an earlier post the universe is insisting I listen and then take action. I think that's a little of what this latest run down feeling was about, slowing down long enough to face the facts. Scary as it is, I did, and my schedule will change radically after the Christmas break. I feel I'm reclaiming my life, leaving old outdated modes behind and letting go some very very self destructive patterns. I'm looking forward to the freedom and opening a new chapter in my life.

In the past few years my creativity has been replaced by exhaustion and feelings of well being are a dwindling concept. When able to choose, why this? I'm grateful for what I was given and an overflowing amount of knowledge and skill I gained in the process, but I'm also incredibly grateful to leave it behind and move on. It's time, endings can be good too.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Run Down

I'm a bit run down. This season has been filled with too many things to do in too short a period of time. I've been routinely double and at times triple booked for months now. I knew I just had to make it up the last big hill and things would slow down to a reasonable rate, if I could just make it a bit longer I wouldn't have to run so hard on the treadmill.

In the back of my mind I have been a little concerned. I have been feeling so run down without respite for so long I feel I'm really pushing the envelope. Cold and flu season has been viscous this Autumn and increasingly more and more folks I come into contact with have been sick. One day about a week ago literally every one I came across was sneezing, sniffling, coughing and looked like they should be in bed, not out and about in the world. Added to this I got a flu shot in September and I had a bad reaction which is only now beginning to dissipate.

Knowing I need to do something to help myself, I have taken some steps which may or may not be helpful as I am starting to feel a little wane myself. When overexposed by too many germs I have found Echinacea Goldenseal is an excellent remedy to stave off whatever might be coming. Use a moderate dose if you feel sickness “coming on.” For an average weight adult, use 1 dropperful 3 times per day. Pump up the vitamin C, but be careful with fruity drinks, many contain large amounts of sugar. Sugar is hell on the immune system. I personally think Halloween jump starts the cold and flu season. Of course yoga is always beneficial, but beware if something is hiding in your system asana can facilitate the germs journey out of your system which means after a bit of yoga you may feel worse not better. Your getting the junk out of your trunk so to speak, but it can be disheartening to try to do something to make you feel better and end of feeling worse. Last but never least and always the hardest to put into practice, rest. My sixth grade teacher, really a not very nice lady who I do not look back on fondly, did have one piece of brilliant advice. If you are sick stay in bed till you feel well, then stay in bed one more day. So many of us cut our healing period short only to find were sick all over again. Giving the body time to heal dramatically shortens the amount of time you feel listless and dull. If we don't give ourselves enough time, the body will heal, but the immune system is weakened, which means the next snuffly sneezing person you come across will bring you right back into a cold.

If your not feeling well, be good to yourself, love yourself up and take some time to feel better.

Peace, love and good rest everyone.