Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yoga Vidya Dham
It's been a non stop blur of organizing, packing, running errands, having little breakdowns, putting more on the to do list, running around a bit more and writing notes by the front door that say things like, Take your Typhoid pill TODAY! I still have a list of things to do, some I must do and some which I probably won't get to, then I'm off to India. Preparing for this trip has been an event in itself. Today I have to go into work and finish a few errands then I'm putting it all aside and the little fishy and I are going surfing!
Merry travels everyone,
Shine bright and be a beacon of peace and light.
Miss. S

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Book Review

Always on the lookout for books to inspire young readers I stumbled upon A View from Saturday By E.L. Konigsburg. This is a great read for anyone, but particularly a middle school or young high school reader. A view from Saturday explores issues such as living in a single parent household, wildlife conservation, acceptance and understanding of people with physical disabilities and celebration of intellect. The story revolves around four characters, middle school age, living in a small town in upstate New York. The brilliance of Konigsburg writing is that she created characters with the exception of one, that are typical everyday students. From a viewpoint of soical status they are not on the outside trying to fit in, or in the inner circle looking out, but somewhere in the middle, trying to find solid ground. This is a good read!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shakti Mudra

Shakti Mudra

When I did my yoga teacher training we were placed into pods. The people in these pods were the students you would do your practicums with, gave your first classes to, and your peers who critiqued your work as a budding teacher. Ironically both my pod members have been to India. Danielle incorporated mudra work into her classes from the beginning. It was she who introduced me to Gertrud Hirschi's book on Mudras. While traveling through India she found this book and used the mudras to relieve ailments of the stomach and calm her nerves. Using mudras gave physical and mental comfort alleviating fear as she explored India as a solo traveler. Shakti Mudra has a calming effect on the body. Commonly uses as an aid in sleep due to its soothing effect. It intensifies the respiratory impulse in the lower chest area. If done too long or too often it may lead to lethargy. Best done three times a day for 12 minutes. Extend the ring and little finger and place together. The remaining digits are loosely bent over the thumbs, placed on the palms. Slow breath and focus on breathing into pelvic area. This mudra is best practiced in a comfortable seated position.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Overcoming my Fears

Today I found myself a little panicked. My man came home yesterday. I was so happy to see him I bound out of the car at the airport, jumping up and down, waving my arms, feeling my heart full with joy. We have not had much time together as of late and I miss him. Unfortunately he has caught a little bug and is feeling under the weather. Oh dear this won't do! It's summer time and we live in the North where its cold and snowy most days. Warm days are for beaches and hiking and picnics and frolicking on grassy knolls. " No, no can't have this." Once home I immediately started to sift through the medicine cabinet looking for ways to blast this out of his system. "Take this, drink this, eat this!" I calmed and we had lovely dinner and I felt such happiness to have him home. By the morning he was feeling worse, much worse. By 10 in the morning it was official, he's down for the count. I made my way to an afternoon yoga class and all my fears came tumbling out on the mat. My fear of being sick in India. Alone and sick. My fears of snakes. Typhoid! malaria! diarrhea! My fears of being alone and sick, having diarrhea and tripping over a snake on the way to the bathroom in the dead of night! I was down and out on the mat, in a hot sweat of panic. Our teacher, Clair is an amazing healer in her own right. As we progressed through the class I listened to her tell us to take things slowly and allow them to be what they are. To accept where we are right now. I acknowledge this fright, and twice to my surprise I have found myself weepy. Slowly with each sun salutation and asana I found it easier to accept "I am that I am." For now that's the best I can do, just accept and move forward.
Namaste and peace to you all.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Travels

Gotta Loooove the AT

When you wanna cool down

and have some fun and just get funky in the country!

Wishing you peace, love and a barrel of fun.
Miss. S

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Summertime Blues

The Krip
Summertime, time, time, Child, the living’s easy.
Fish are jumping out And the cotton, Lord, Cotton’s high, Lord, so high.
Your daddy’s rich
And your ma is so good-looking, baby. She’s looking good now,
Hush, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,
No, no, no, no, don’t you cry.
Don’t you cry!
One of these mornings You’re gonna rise, rise up singing,
You’re gonna spread your wings,
Child, and take, take to the sky,
Lord, the sky.
Janis Joplin

Monday, July 14, 2008


Just letting it all unfold
Yesterday I took a very relaxing class. I realize that I must be mindful of my practice at this time as I will be entering a very intense period of yoga soon. Somehow knowing what is to come has brought a huge block in my practice and my ability to organize myself and do what I need to do before starting this journey. I couldn't seem to get on the mat this past weekend. I had it splayed out on a perfectly lovely spot outside, and each time I looked at it I grew tired and weary. Just another thing to do. I arrived home and realized I truly need to spend a little time in my own dwelling just letting my mind unfold. Sunday I have the opportunity to take an advanced class which is challenging and once finished, fulfilling. I couldn't do it. Instead I took a very slow, methodical yin class. I could feel my body and mind begin to unwind and open. It's time to listen to what my body and soul need to do. Here's looking toward a productive and relaxing week ahead.
Wishing you all peace and tranquility.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Book Review

Aaaahhh yes! Sweet sweet Summertime with a beach blanket and a good book.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of those books with a big buzz that everyone talks about. In her early thirties Elizabeth Gilbert got a divorce and went in search of herself. She found herself in Italy, India and Bali. Each destination unpeeled a layer of the onion and allowed her to heal and become whole again. Although somewhat contrived as she was paid to do this rather than a spontaneous journey, there was a clear and important message. Happiness is possible for everyone. good thought, good message, inspirational read.

That's How the Light Gets In by Susan Rako Dr. Rako wrote a memoir of her years of practice as a psychotherapist. She's still practicing - I hope for many years to come- so I was a little confused why she would write a memoir, but no matter it was an excellent read. I was inspired by her holistic approach to therapy and her willingness to take from areas traditional and non traditional. As I work through my doctorate this book is a tap on the shoulder telling me I am not bound to only one area of thought, one box, one approach. Thank you Dr. Rako.

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult As I waited to board my plane a family with three teenage daughters were scrambling about repacking their packs and demonstrating that wonderful excitement we can have right before a journey. One of the daughters turned to her sister and said, " What am I going to do with this big book? Do you want it?" She didn't and I ended up with it. So began my Middle Eastern journey while reading a book loosely based on Dante's circle's of hell. This is a book about relationships with our children, rape, loosing a child, the black Psyche of misery in our own childhood and other really fun stuff like that. Why this book, in this place I have no idea but well worth the read.

Up North

Although not nearly complete my home is no longer a disaster zone. For now, mission accomplished. While the man is visiting family in the lone star state Cisco, Lola and I are heading up North to see the folks. Bug spray in hand I fully intend to lay my mat down someplace quite similar to the grassy knoll you see here and just work out the kinks. right now I really need a personal sadhna. It's time to get on the mat and just let it unfold..............
Wishing you peace and love,
Miss. S

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Jet lag is a real drag. Like my sweet princess here I have very little energy to do more than contemplate rolling over and falling asleep or just falling asleep. I have some serious organizing to do, but can't even begin until my house is clean. Right now its a disaster zone. Today my goal is to clean, get on the mat and teach my class.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


My body is back but like this vacationer my mind is still floating. Here come the jet lag!