Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goodness in the Kitchen

Wonderful Thanksgiving!  This year we had our own feast with many friends on Saturday.  Wonderful noon meal with lots of good food and good conversation.  As promised I am reporting back on the recipes I decided to try from old yoga journal magazines.  To begin, I once again tried a few recipes from a book called Thanksgiving, that I found a few years ago at the library and decided to purchase.  There are some great ideas in this cookbook, but none have translated (at least in my kitchen) into good eating.  Four different dishes all horrible.  I am donating the book away, perhaps someone else will have better luck with it.  As for the Yoga Journal dishes, the pumpkin pie and the cranberry relish  were the best I have ever made.   I'm sold and will be trying a lot more in the future.  I am so incredibly thankful this year for where my life is, and the direction its heading.  A good place, a good head space, and much gratitude.  
Wishing everyone well with much peace.

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