Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nine More Weeks

This time of year is always a conflict.  Winter brings quiet, solitude, Yin yoga and an introspection which is always appreciated.  In my neck of the woods it's also cold, icy and the chill can be felt physically and emotionally.  Energy can become lackluster, and simple things like getting out of a warm bed to greet a frosty morning loose their appeal rather quickly.  Around this time of year I begin looking to when the sun sets and making some figures in my head as to when I can look forward to days a bit longer and brighter.  As the dogs and I walk through the woods I'm careful not to slip on the ice while I remind myself only nine more weeks.  Nine weeks isn't so long, I can do this for a little longer, and I suppose I can, but now's a good time to devise a strategy to make this period a little lighter and more joyful.  This time of year I enjoy lighting lots of candles in the studio when I'm teaching.  It brings a warm glow and makes the area cozy.  Hot steamy showers, lots of layers, many gentle and restorative classes and time spent in front of the fireplace are helpful as well.  I also make a sincere effort to avoid people who are offensive.  Everyone has to deal on a everyday manner with certain folks that will never get it together socially.  It's just not in their DNA in this lifetime.  I'm better able to handle these folks when I have a daily dose of vitamin D.  I'm far less patient in the dead of Winter.  My best strategy is vanquish these folks from my life completely and if not possible avoid at all possible costs. 

So here's to nine more weeks with a level head, a warm hearth and a happy heart.

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