Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Play

Winter has set in rather quickly.  Stormy, snowy, icy and cold with a bit of a hushed silence.  It's a fine time to turn off the sound machines and try a little meditation.  A labyrinth is a wonderful vehicle for helping us to slow down and look within.  Personally I find it nearly impossible to sit in quite contemplation draining the worry thoughts away while reaching for a silent bliss.  More than likely I am making mental lists, thinking about the day, or the week or my life and trying desperately not to let that little monkey of mine have a fun free spirited tromp, giggling away, while I politely and then with less finesse ask him to get out of my head for just five minutes.    

Labyrinths help tremendously with the process of meditation elevating some of the madding aspects which make mediation so difficult.  a labyrinth walk follows a man-made, spiral pattern path (traced on the ground, as in many cathedrals, or constructed in garden) to meditate, focus, and calm the mind. Not a maze, the path follows a number of circuits to the center of a circle and back out.   

The process leaves one feeling calm, centered and refreshed.   Its a wonderful winter activity and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family regardless of age.  Labyrinths are easy to find and rarely exclusive.  They can be found both inside buildings as well as outside in gardens.  I suggest looking for one with the World Wide Labyrinth Locator.  You'll be amazed how many are out there in your area.  

Enjoy, and happy meditations!

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